OMG heyyy peepzzz

this is weird, i only just logged in today and realised that scw (spark city world) has new VIP membership!!!

*sigh* i bought star coins just and now it was a waste of money 😦 ,

cuz im not vip now Grr.

😦 😦 😦 😦   

well anyway there’s an update…..

(btw this might have not just started but its news to me :P)



perfectly pretty xoxo 😀


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Do u like it??? i made it with Go visit and get a free blingee! 😀

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Yay! Music!!!!!!!!! :P

Music Playlist at

yes i like all these tunes, they dont go together do they? 😛

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Weird! What is up with cp?!


What is up with cp lately?

don’t know what i mean???

check this:

Strange huh?

Well more importantly;

the april fools party should come today!!!

I know it says March 25th but cp does everything a day earlier 🙂

well, mostly everything anyway.

Sooooo i’ll be on cp on yeti today from about 18:10- 19:00 (England) (PST 11:10-12:00) come say hi 🙂

Catch ya later!

Perfectly pretty 🙂

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Hey U pplz


I’m……… Well i’ll tell you my names later.

welcome to!!!!!

This blog is mostly for , & cheats and glitches =)

now as i said i’ll tell you my names.

Cp: Prettyme 01

Scw: Princessstarz01

Bg: Prittyme01

I’m also working on a virtual world myself, but for now i’ll stick with this blog 🙂

BTW, i don’t cpmvs ‘cus i’m too busy with homework, but maybe in the near future i’ll do some.

Possibly with bg and scw too!


Perfectly Pretty 😛


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