About Me

Heyyyyy i’m Perfectly pretty me,

this is the stuff i like and more:


I like BLUE!!!!

😛 and i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove chocolate :D!

my fav things 2 do is play video games,  cp and sing.

my fav tv shows r  glee and friends 🙂

my fav sport is  gymnastics

im a bit of a tomboy, and i love video games like crazy!

if you are wondering (i doubt that you are) i AM a girl 🙂

i’ve just gone into school again (i was homeschooled) so i am a little busy.

my fav song rite now is born tihs way by lady gaga 😀

my fav colors are black blue and gold 🙂 (black is the best though)

my fav singer is avril lavigne and my fave band is green day 🙂 😀


cya soon PERFECTLY PRETTY MEEEEEEEEEEEE! (im perfect and im stayin’ that way!)


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